Let the Divine within Shine Out!

The world has become, unfortunately, a mad place.
That’s because it has been ‘bossed’ for countless generations by insane, egotistical people who have disregarded the Divine Path and spiritual values in favour of their own selfish ends.

The political arena across the globe is intrinsically insane.

The media arena across the globe is significantly dysfunctional.

The military arena across the globe is sheer madness.

The economic arena across the globe is seriously delusional.

The religious arena across the globe is inherently sick.

And society as a healthy whole is reeling from mass dysfunction toward terminal madness.

Jesus, Buddha, and all the great Masters, came to tell us to wake up, realize our own intrinsic worth, creatively take hold of our own futures, merge with our divine inner essence, value our infinite spirit, find joy in our delightful and eternal existences – in effect to:
get real, become our spiritual selves having a physical
existence and be the love we are.

Naturally, they each said so in their own unique way to their own unique society.

None of them came to promote divisiveness, exclusiveness, greed, war, hatred, selfishness, violence, depravity, abuse, idolatry or subjugation of anyone by anyone for any reason.

They each came to share love, compassion, trust, faith, selflessness and wholeness through healing.

Hence, this site.

So that those of us who are awakening to the peaceful, joyous, awesome wonder of who we truly are can network and share together free of any cults, creeds, gurus, religious fervour or dogmatic adherence to any nonsense.

For too long we’ve been ridiculed and demeaned by those who would control us – financially, politically, religiously and socially. It’s time to stand up and say “Enough!”.

I believe we need to realize we are not alone in believing the time has come – now! – for an entire change in human thinking and behaving.

But it’s no good waiting for the other fellow – the politician, the business leader, the church minister, the military commander, the media mogul – to change first.
I believe we need to realize that this world will change only when we do – it’s an individual commitment that’s needed. We are our communities.

Thus they will change into peaceful, caring, spiritually-based, humanity-centred, compassionate, loving support organisations only to the degree and extent that each of us commits to that self-same change.

Now, if you disagree with me and think that everything on Planet Earth is fine you’ve just proven my point.

So you have two choices: to stay in your delusion – or to awaken.

If you awaken, you can choose to stop unthinkingly subscribing to the madness – and choose instead to become part of the solution.

This site – indeed everything I do – is intended to help us all awaken and become part of a worldwide solution.

This site will therefore promote spiritual sanity.
It will establish no boundaries to truth, real spirituality, love and compassion.

It will encourage us to deeply integrate the Divine into every aspect of our life so that we live more and more authentically.

It will encourage everyone to spread comfort, compassion, hope, truth and love in ever more widening circles of healing energy.

It will encourage all of us to own the loving godliness we already are!

It will encourage us to look more deeply into one another’s eyes, hearts, souls and lives and see the warmth and depth of the Godlight that shines deeply within us all.

It will encourage each of us to reach out to the many hurting and scared people around us who see only guilt and doom, doubt and worry, lack and fear, control and manipulation, death and decay stretching out in front of them – rather than the joyousness of empowered life which is our natural birthright.

It will promote the path of authentic spiritual life.

We invite you to help it to grow by sharing its message with your friends and associates.

We invite you to link your site and your own endeavours with ours.

Working together we can achieve anything!

We can take the intention of Jesus, of Buddha, of all the great Masters, and we can help bring them into our everyday, living, social consciousness.

Anything less is to let our real selves down!

Much love,

Les Dyer